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The Burlington CJC addresses the roots and impacts of crime

and conflict so that everyone experiences dignity, safety, and justice in the communities we serve.


We envision a community

that creates restorative and transformative paths toward equity and accountability, connection

and repair of harm.


  • Public Service: The Burlington CJC serves the people of Chittenden County and responds to needs in our community. We honor the rights of victims/survivors and meet participants where they are.

  • Community: We improve quality of life in Burlington and surrounding communities by enabling processes that encourage personal and collective responsibility.

  • Equity: We recognize that all lives have equal value that deserve fair access, opportunity, and choice.

  • Respect: We treat all people with kindness and consideration and believe that individuals’ identities and lived experiences impact their choices.

  • Opportunity: We foster opportunities for all citizens to prosper and thrive through education and restorative processes.

  • Innovation: We embrace a culture of innovation and creativity, and we develop new solutions to meet the future needs of our community.

  • Perspective: We recognize that harm and injustice are violations of relationships, and bring a comprehensive, big-picture outlook to our attempts in repairing harm.

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