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Treatment Diversion

The Tamarack Program is a form of court diversion which assists adults charged with a crime who have a substance use or mental health treatment need regardless of their criminal history. Tamarack Coordinators quickly connect participants referred to this program with substance use, mental health, and other community-based services supports, with the aim of improving the person's health and reducing future adverse involvement in the justice system. Tamarack participants must be willing to take responsibility for their actions and when appropriate, participate in a restorative process aimed at repairing the harm caused by their crime. Service needs related to the charge are addressed in a restorative agreement.

The prosecuting attorney may refer the individual to Tamarack before or after arraignment. If the Tamarack participant completes their program contract successfully, their charges will be dismissed and their record expunged.


For more information about the Tamarack Program, please contact 

Lauryn Crutchfield at (802) 735-8270 or

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