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Driving with License Suspended


The Civil DLS Diversion Program is designed to help people regain their driver’s license while they pay off their fines and fees. Participants work with Burlington CJC staff to develop a contract including a payment plan that is presented to the Vermont Judicial Bureau (VJB) for review. Upon approval by VJB Hearing Officer, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is notified that the person is in compliance with the VJB. DMV re-instatement requirements must also be met before the person’s driver’s license is re-instated.

Some people may be eligible for a reduction in their debt, and some may provide community service and/or participate in an educational program in exchange for a reduction in fines and fees owed.


In order to be eligible for participation in DLS, a person must have met the underlying suspension requirements, such as a serving out a suspension period required by accumulation of points.

People whose current suspension is a result of a DUI or certain other serious offenses are not eligible for this program.


Participants must:

  • Attend an initial meeting with a Court Diversion DLS staff person to examine:

    • The reasons for license suspension,

    • Their financial situation,

    • Steps needed to get the driver’s license reinstated,

    • How to pay off their fines and fees.

  • Fill out a financial affidavit describing their personal income and bills.

  • Develop and follow a plan to pay off fines and fees owed to the State of Vermont. This plan may include other conditions, such as community service.

  • Attend follow up meetings as needed.

  • Pay a down payment of $25 toward the program fee of $175. The balance of the fee is included in the payment plan and may be reduced based on a person’s financial situation.

Upon approval of the contract and payment plan by the Vermont Judicial Bureau – and satisfaction of other DMV requirements (such as a road test, obtaining SR-22 auto insurance, taking care of any traffic fines owed to other states, etc.) – participants in the program will have their driver’s license reinstated.

Failure to follow the contract, including the payment plan, leads to suspension of the person’s driver’s license. Successful completion means past civil violations will not count toward more serious criminal charges.


For DLS-related questions and concerns, contact Maghon Luman at or 802-865-7155.

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