Community Advisory Board

Mary McClements 

Get to know Mary


Mary McClements began her career journey in the 1990’s working at a group home for boys, as an artist, art teacher and art school owner. Through these adventures Mary learned that she most enjoyed working with youth who struggle with social/emotional challenges. This eventually led to her work as a special education transition counselor at a VT public high school and then onto similar work at the Community College of Vermont. Mary eventually landed at UVM where she was the Coordinator of Student Employment for 6 years. After assisting so many over the years with career and life transitions, Mary made it official in 2019 by completing her coursework with the ICF and is now a certified life and transition coach (she prefers: 'Evolution Engineer’) using her passions in movement and visual arts with her clients. Mary’s hold's professional certificates in Mental Health First Aid and Mindfulness Leadership, was a member of HOPE Works Advisory Board and of the VT state Restorative Justice Study Team looking at the possibilities of RJ as an option for victims of sexual and domestic violence, and is currently an RJ panel member for the Burlington CJC. Mary also is honored to be the part time Victim Liaison at the South Burlington Community Justice Center and is currently an RJ panel member for the Burlington CJC. She has lived in 3 countries, has 2 dogs, and 2 amazing teens

who clearly think she’s really cool.


Get to know Pablo


Pablo Bose is a migration and urban studies scholar.  Born in India and raised in Canada, Dr. Bose is interested in the ways that people and landscapes shape one another.  He has a BA in English and History, an MA in Communications, and a PhD in Environmental Studies.  He has been at UVM since 2006 in the Department of Geography and since 2015 has been director of the Global and Regional Studies Program. Dr. Bose also chairs UVM’s diversity curriculum committee and serves as the Provost’s Faculty Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion. His three main research projects currently are on refugee resettlement in North America and Europe, on environmentally-induced displacement, and on cities of the global south. He has always been interested in interdisciplinary teaching and research; some of the courses he teaches at UVM include Race and Ethnicity in the US, Migration and Transnationalism, Geography of India, Peace and Conflict in Belfast, Geography of Sports, and Lives of the Global City. 


He is also active in the community having served as a commissioner for the local transit authority, public housing agency, and brownfields committees. He is currently partnering with the Association of Africans Living in Vermont on programs dealing with youth and the criminal justice system,

on public health, and on food access.


Get to know Sparks


Sparks is currently the Director of Equity and Safe Inclusive Schools for the Burlington School District (BSD). In this role, he is leading the effort to implement Restorative Practices District-wide, as well as supporting the BSD’s Equity Plan and related goals. Sparks is also responsible for directing the work of BSD’s Designated Employees, who are responsible for responding to incidents of bullying, hazing, and harassment. In his work, he focuses primarily on supporting all students and families, especially those from marginalized or non-dominant linguistic, racial, socio-economic, and ethnic groups. In addition, he supports building administrators with conflict resolution

and other management issues. Sparks also works with teachers and other BSD employees. 


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a Masters degree in

Community and Economic Development from

Southern New Hampshire University.


Get to know Regina


Regina Mahony is the Planning Program Manager for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) where she has worked since 2011.  At CCRPC, Regina assists the Executive Director in managing and implementing the CCRPC’s planning program including water quality, energy planning, emergency management, housing and land use. Regina uses her municipal planning experience to help member municipalities and regional partners with housing programs, land use training, comprehensive planning, drafting bylaws, and development review.  Regina also coordinates the organization’s Regional Planning efforts through implementation

and updates of the ECOS Plan. 


Outside of work, Regina volunteers at the Burlington Dismas House, Burlington Restorative Justice Panels,

and is Chair of the Community Advisory Board for

the Burlington Community Justice Center. 


Regina and her husband reside in Burlington where they’ve successfully transitioned to a one car household, and happily use the cost savings for travel. Regina is most proud of finishing the Long Trail in 2018.


Get to know Francis


Abijah Francis Manga is a doctorate candidate at the University of Vermont. He is doing his Doctorate degree in Education at the Department of Leadership and Policy Studies. Francis owns a small business called Loving Home Care ( that takes care of elderly and inbound people. He is currently a MHFA Trainer and worked for AALV (the Association of Africans Living in Vermont) as a Youth Program Coordinator. Prior to joining AALV, he worked at CVOEO as the Fair Housing Project’s Outreach and Coordination Specialist. Before that, he worked at the Congolese Prime Minister’s office as a Foreign Affairs Expert. Moreover, he is a

passionate teacher and taught in a high school

for more than five years. 


Francis holds a master’s degree in Public Management and Development Policy from South Korea and has another master's degree in Education with a TESOL major.


He believes in integrating modern values

with traditional beliefs.


Get to know Matt


Matthew Sullivan serves as the Deputy Chief for the Administrative Services Bureau at the Burlington Police Department (BPD). He is in his 21st year with BPD and has served in many different positions.  He was hired in January of 2000 and
trained many new officers as a field training officer.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2007 and supervised a team of uniform officers until 2012, when he was transferred to the Detective Services Bureau. He served as Detective Sergeant with an emphasis on drug enforcement for approximately a year until he was promoted to Lieutenant in 2013.


He was transferred back to uniform services and served as the Officer in Charge supervising uniform services with emphasis on the Old North End and the Hill Section, Administrative Lieutenant supervising Emergency Communications, Training and Recruitment, and he supervised the Airport for approximately one year. He served as Lieutenant for approximately 7 years until being promoted to Deputy Chief. In addition to being a police officer, he is a licensed attorney in Connecticut receiving a Juris Doctor degree in 1997.

Phil Hammerslough

Get to know Phil

Phil H close.jpg

Phil Hammerslough has been a volunteer with the Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA) program for over five years, and has been able to draw upon his backgrounds in education, substance abuse counseling, business and job development for people with visual disabilities.


He has played a key role in the rehabilitation of a “student neighborhood”, as one of the founders of ISGOOD (Isham Street Gardening and other Optimistic Doings). ISGOOD worked with City and University organizations to reduce noise and vandalism, as well as create a sense of neighborhood and community. 


He served as an alternate on the Burlington Design Advisory Board and brought an understanding of universal design and accommodations for mobility for people with disabilities. He championed the need to reduce parking issues by adding secure bike parking facilities at commercial and multi-unit housing developments, as well as creating better walking infrastructure and better access to public transit.

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