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The Burlington CJC works to increase accountability and support for people returning to Burlington from incarceration.


Their ability to support themselves and live productive lives is important to the safety and health of our community. 

Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA)

The primary focus of the CoSA program is “no more victims.” CoSAs provide a restorative approach to justice by supporting, building, and maintaining healthy patterns of living for serious criminal justice offenders as they re-enter the community.    

CoSA teams or “circles” include 3-5 trained volunteers and a staff member who meet weekly with the core member to help them develop healthy relationships, manage day-to-day life, and adhere to post-release expectations. As the core member grows and rebuilds community connections, the CoSA celebrates their successes while supporting their transition through daily struggles and potential challenges.

CoSA volunteers are essential in representing a bond of mutual respect, understanding, and building on the life experience of others. The diversity amongst CoSA volunteers’ thinking, age, experience, and perspectives represent the community at large.

For a more in-depth view of the CoSA program, find Bess O’Brien’s documentary, Coming Home.

Resource Navigation and Community Reentry Support

Resource Navigation and Community Reentry Support

The Burlington CJC’s Resource Navigation & Community Re-entry Support is a short-term service intended to assist those re-entering the community after incarceration with their transition. Services include a wide range of support including prioritization of needs, employment searches, and referrals to local agencies and social services. 

For information about CoSAs and Resource Navigation & Community Re-entry Support, contact Rachel Lawler at (802) 556-2827 or .


For more information about volunteering, please contact Becky Penberthy at (802) 923-9010 or via email at .

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