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... the Victim Liaison tries to arrange other ways to share information about the impact of the offense with the restorative justice panel, and ultimately the responsible party. This ensures that the responsible party understands the impact of their actions on others and can maximize their amends to the victim/survivor/affected party.


When victims/survivors/affected parties choose not to participate in the restorative justice process...


Our Victim Liaisons work with affected parties when the responsible party is referred to a restorative justice process. We ensure that those affected by the crime are offered participation in the restorative process. The Victim Liaison links the restorative justice panel (representing the community) to those affected by the crime. A major role of the Victim Liaison is to give enough information and support to the victim/survivor/affected party to allow safe and meaningful participation.


I can not tell you how impressed I am to see the first financial payment received from (John). I have known (John) for some time and I had my doubts if we would ever see any type of acknowledgment for wrong doing . You have restored my faith in some sort of system having received this payment. Thank you for your great communication regarding this matter. 

-Store Manager

Role of the Victim Liaison in the Restorative Panel 

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