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Agency Self-Assessment of Victim-Centered Practices

Are you a victim-centered organization? What is your current response to victims of crime?


In the experience of the Parallel Justice program staff (and according to current Victimology research), crime victims have three salient needs:

  • to be safe;

  • to recover from the trauma of the crime;

  • to regain control of their lives.


Our Agency Self-Assessment of Victim-Centered Practices is a tool for organizations, agencies, and businesses to build awareness about how they respond to people who have experienced victimization. This self-assessment follows the Guiding Principles of Parallel Justice.


Issues to consider include: Does your front desk staff ask questions that may feel re-victimizing to clients? Does your direct service staff require a client to share a linear story or experience? Do your administrative practices have a time-sensitive requirement that a victim bring signed paperwork or documents in order to access support? Does a person need to report their victimization to law enforcement in order to receive compensation for their losses? Does your workplace offer time-off or late-start options for someone who has been a victim of crime (any type of crime)? Do they need to “prove it” in order to be believed?

…And Then What? Once taking the assessment, if your agency or organization would like follow-up support from the Parallel Justice program to guide your agency toward more victim-centered practices, please contact us and we will be in touch!


Note: Depending on the size of your staff, range of victim-centered practices in place, and nonprofit/for-profit status of your organization, we may charge a fee for our services that will directly benefit our Parallel Justice Victims Fund.

Thank you for your interest! As of right now, the Parallel Justice team is unable to provide assessment follow-up support. Check back soon!

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